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Baby Eels Lata– Angulas are one of the supreme seafood delicacies of Spain. Caught in the fresh waters of Galicia in the north, these mild, tender baby eels are carefully prepared in olive oil with a touch of red pepper. Served hot in a cazuela, they are one of the most distinctive, delicious tapas you will ever try.

Bellotero 5 Jotas– The finest grade of cured ham called bellota, a reference to the major component of the pigs’ diet of acorns. From the small historic town of Jabugo found in the Aracena y Picos de Aroche Natural Park. Our brand Cinco Jotas Acorn fed 100% Ibérico Ham follows an artisan method that can take up to five years to be completed.

Olive Oil– Made with Arbequina olives and celebrated for its vibrant, fruity flavor and smooth approachability. This special extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed from perfectly ripened olives, capturing their delicate flavors. Grown in the Montes de Granada.

Saffron– Beautiful, fragrant saffron is the essential ingredient to paella, fabada and many other classic Spanish dishes. These valuable threads impart a golden hue and deep, aromatic taste to any dish it flavors. Saffron is the stigma of the crocus flower, laboriously plucked by hand and toasted to perfection grown on the high Castilian plateau known as La Mancha.