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Come, experience this sweetness in life!

Let your stress melt away.   

Don’t rush.


Live. Laugh. Fall in love.

Love being here.

Food drives us. So does an amazing atmosphere.

La Dulce is a European holiday. It is a cozy coffee and tea room, and an open air market.  It is a delicious patisserie (for those with a sweet tooth!), but also a grand dining salon.  It took a full year to achieve this breathtaking experience.   Everything here is ready to be tasted.  It is new, fresh, exciting. 

Most people never get the chance to do what they love, but brothers Luis and Juan Negrete are making the most of their wonderful opportunity.  Together they have created La Dulce so we might remember what fun is.

Luis Negrete is the quixotic brother; a global automotive entrepreneur who is as passionate about cars as his younger brother is about cuisine. He lives here now and has longed for food that you don’t see everywhere; food that makes memories. Luis wanted a proper drink in a good price range.  He yearned for dining experiences centered on the joy of life.

The things that Luis craved became the essence of La Dulce.  If he hungered for something special, Juan set about incorporating the food and drink into the menu.  When Luis craved a gracious ambiance, the brothers integrated it into the feel of the décor — with the help of Spanish designer, Gaspar Sobrino.

Just look at what they created! Stroll through this friendly environment and discover how unusual it is.  How many tea cups do you think it took to create La Dulce?  What do you think those elegant chandeliers are really crafted from?  What about the façade outside? Did you inspect that closely? Look at the coffee tables.  If you live in Southeast Michigan, you never would guess that this industry staple could be so inviting!   

And then there is the food!

Chef Juan most recently owned a restaurant in Spain, wooing epicureans with his romantic notions of food, wine, and beautiful service.  Here, he advances his culinary vision, specializing in tapas and churros.

Tapas are not types of food, but a way of eating it. Anything can be tapas.  “You can order one tapa or turn an assortment of tapas into a main meal and eat until you are no longer hungry,” explains Juan.  Tapas are the very heart of Spanish lifestyle because they encourage social interaction.

La Dulce’s gastronomy is all about the freshness of its produce, served the authentic way. Red, juicy, ripe, tomatoes make the perfect summer gazpacho. Rustic, crunchy, bread is crowned by many different and unique montaditos. Hand-sliced jamon iberico pata negra pairs deliciously with a glass of red wine, perhaps a Rivera del Duero!  La Dulce scrupulously recreates many all-time family favorites such as patatas bravas, Spanish omelets, and croquetas — yet these are only the tip of the menu!

Just for fun, churros are warm pastries that you dip in thick hot chocolate sauce (or berries) to feed your cravings.  Devour them for breakfast or as a sweet treat whenever you need a boost of energy.

Even if you just come in for a glass of wine, you’ll experience this beautiful adventure. It is summer after all. Time to enjoy the sweetness of life.

La Dulce Tapas & Churros

115 S. Main Street

Royal Oak, Michigan 48067

Phone: (248) 268-1719